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Book Review: Tactics Time! 1001 Chess Tactics from the Games of Everyday Chess Players

1001tacticsI’ve been subscribed to Tim Brennan’s newsletter (sent out every week) for quite some time now, so when he wrote this cool book on chess tactics, I was really delighted.  I was even more delighted when I saw that it is written in collaboration with Anthea Carson. All my kids know her for her animal chess book and specifically for her penguin opening that makes them laugh every time they see it.

Tactics Time is a nicely formatted Kindle book (but you don’t need to have a Kindle tablet, you can use the android app which works really well), where you will find the exercises and the answers on each next page, which makes it really practical for reviewing the answer (no need to go to the end of the book to find the answer, if you didn’t figure it out :-) For each solution, an explanation is given to help remember which tactics it relates to.

What I also liked was that the exercises were not invented, but from real tournaments, so these positions are possible in real life, which is really a plus.