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Extension for Twisted AMP to support dictionaries and lists

Henrik Thostrup Jensen announced on the Twisted Users mailing list he made two extensions for the Twisted AMP protocol.

Currently there are two types: A dictionary and a list. The types of the element must be specified (key and value can be different in the dictionary), otherwise they are free form, i.e., the keys in the dictionary can have any name, and the list can be of any size. The types can be nested, e.g., you can create a list of list of strings. I use (or will) the latter to return a query result, for which I do not know the row size. This is currently impossible (AFAICT), in the otherwise excellent AMP protocol.

You can get them on

For people that live under a rock, AMP is a new communication protocol for Twisted (added in Twisted 2.5) much lighter/simpler than PB. It is just a request/response protocol over a persistent connection.

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