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TurboGears and Pylons will merge! (and CleverHarold RIP)

Mark Ramm, one of TurboGears‘s core developers announced on TurboGears’s mailing list that they will merge with Pylons! To be more precise, the API of TurboGears will be implemented on top of Pylons. It seems they already made some test/proof of concept that are, as they say “a huge success”. That’s really good news for Python web frameworks development, and a good news for me, as I’ll not have to choose between the two :-

As a sidenote, it seems another framework, CleverHarold has disappeared without anybody noticing. Its domain is parked, and today its Google Group page went off (the last messages were from people asking if the project was still alive).

Update: Noah Gift wrote a nice article about the merge.

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