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Twisted Weekly News #11

Twisted Weekly News #11
Author: Luc Stepniewski
Revision: 1.0
Date: 2004/2/17 14:13:20
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So many announcements and new Twisted based software! This week’s TWN (especially because it is merged with previous week) is full of really cool news/articles/software that will keep you busy for at least two months.

If you have any new information, ideas, announcements for the next TWN, please write to me, <>. TWN is also available as HTML formated ReST on
The Twisted Weekly News

11th Issue. Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Twisted: Just Because It’s Not Documented and Unstable Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Use It


  • David Bolen asked if there was a way to keep the references to the remote PB object when a disconnect happened, and reconnect all automatically. Jp Calderone replied that, in its current shape, it is not possible, because the references are reinitialized when the connection is re-enabled. But he said this would not be too hard to implement.
  • Stephen Waterbury posted a code example on how to interface twisted.cred with a database where the user/pass is stored. A few days later, Stephen posted another example, less trivial, showing web auth against a db.
  • Martin Stenhard asked how to get the remote ip address of a connecting client, if the connection is made using PB.
  • David A. Leedom asked for some advice on how he should design a remote backup architecture using Twisted. Michal Pasternak replied that he should pay a lot of attention on the size of transmitted data, as PB limits paramaters to 640KB max.

Articles/Sites related to Twisted

  • Nevow: A Web Application Construction Kit ( fzZzy wrote a proposal to give a talk on nevow at this year’s PyCon. It turns out to be a good overview of what nevow is about.
  • Planet Twisted A new website which is a blog of all the Twisted developers blogs.
  • Article about Twisted Networking Itamar wrote an introductory article about Twisted networking.
  • Understanding Network I/O, Part 2 Article by George Belotsky, on how to achieve network asynchronous I/O with examples of code in asyncore,twisted,threads, etc.

Cool Things of the Week

  • Rebirth of pyx/fzZzy blog fzZzy has renewed his blog, with information about nevow and the successor to LivePage named liveevil. A first (very) impressive example is a chat application, located on .
  • Nevow Wiki A survey is online showing who’s doing what with Nevow today. There are many really interesting projects going on!
  • Beyond2 ( Beyond 2 builds upon the Twisted server and extends it to enable arbitrary 3D clients to connect to a common simulation framework. Twisted provides object persistence, remote method invocation, database integration, and more. The project seems to restart/continue, with the help of Nafai and lstep. A Wiki has been set up on
  • Twisted Forum ( Some new sections have been added to the forum (Snippets, PB)

New/Updated Cool Software

  • UpStage A complex chat application that allows streaming of video.
  • BEEP protocol The BEEPy Python BEEP Library is an implementation of the Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (RFC3080), written as a Python library. The difference with the previous version, is that it is now implemented with Twisted! (“It is now implemented using the Twisted framework for fast, asynchronous network communications”).
  • Shtoom Shtoom is a pure python implementation of a Voice over IP software phone.
  • Trash ‘Trash’ a pastebin application written using the Twisted framwork (using woven).
  • GoSiege A game on the Go game model, but in a online multiplayer (MMOG) mode. The code is really a very good example of well written code (at least from my point of view). I recommend it if you’re looking for PB example code.
  • Twibber Version 0.2.0pre1, twibber is a Python package aimed at handling the Jabber – XMMP protocol in a completely asynchronous way.
  • Crow’s Nest ( Crow’s Nest is a project designed to help collect log information from various sources and to apply some filter to them in a very modular way.
  • PETMail PETMail is a permission-based anti-spam replacement for SMTP, using recipient-defined CAPTCHA challenges for new senders, automatic (but revocable) permission-granting for most correspondents, encrypted and signed (but pseudonymous) messages, and provisions for easily changing addresses or transports (including a mechanism to publish remailer SURBs as a destination).
  • PEAK 0.5a2 (Not directly related to Twisted, but allows the developer to use the twisted reactor). The third alpha is available. That version includes a new framework ( that allows the developer to make his programs more event-driven (in the sense of subscribers/observers). The event loop, as usual, can be set to be Twisted’s reactor.

Current releases

    • Twisted: 1.1.1 (released 2003-12-10) (devel version: 1.1.2alpha2)
    • Quotient: 0.8.8 (released 2003-12-12)
    • Twisted Java: 0.6.1 (released 2003-12-02)

Ok, that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!

Lior Gradstein <>