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Twisted Weekly News #9

Twisted Weekly News #9
Author: Luc Stepniewski
Revision: 1.0
Date: 2003-12-14
Copyright: © The Twisted Community


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The Twisted Weekly News

9th Issue. Sunday, December 14, 2003


dash: being squishy is pleasant for everyone always
moshez: i demand proof
dash: it is an AXIOM!!
dash: squishing is part of the basic axiom set
like DeCartes said “I squish therefore I am”


* RodrigoB suggested to use Twisted for the refactoring of The Circle, a P2P app.
* Last week, someone asked for an example of a Jabber client using Twisted libs, darryl posted a reply this week. darryl posted another example using PEAK too (
* Cinober explains his discoveries on debugging Twisted code within Emacs. Itamar gave a more generic explanation on how to debug general python code (
* Richard Livsey asked why his IRC bot gets disconnected without any possibility of reconnection after sending too much data to the server. Timothee Besset replied he should read the IRC RFCs, that explains that his IRC bot was banned (flooding protection) and that he should use a rate limiting algorithm which doesn’t yet exist in Twisted IRCClient implementation. Andrew Bennetts answered that, actually, there is a rate limiting method, but it is more a delay than a rate limitation ( which solved Richard’s problem.


* Twisted 1.1.1: Itamar announced Twisted 1.1.1 as the official new stable release ( The changes are mainly bugfixes and minor improvements. MSN8P support in the MSN protocol has been updated and Conch SSH agent client now supports SSH auth agent.
* Quotient 0.8.8: A new version (0.8.8) of Quotient ( has been released. The pace of releases is getting faster each week. In this release (except from bugfixes), the database has been simplified and throttling tools have been added. To show that Quotient can be used as a framework not just for email, a project planning tool has been started (Anvil).

Cool Thing of the Week

* Twisted-web split A new mailing list ( and stored on NNTP as well as a new IRC channel (irc:// who focus on twisted.web and woven/nevow part of Twisted.

Current releases

* Twisted: 1.1.1 (released 2003-12-10)
* Quotient: 0.8.8 (released 2003-12-12)
* Twisted Java: 0.6.1 (released 2003-12-02)

Ok, that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!

Lior Gradstein <>

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