Making and deploying a Twisted project as a service under Windows

What is the goal?

The goal is to implement a program in Python+Twisted (using PB for network access) under Windows XP or 2000+, that can be run before a user logs on, so it has to be a windows service, launched automatically, at boot. Another goal is to show some developement patterns in Twisted. You will find a lot of ‘theoretical’ patterns about how to make singletons/borgs, proxy, and stuff, but I never found patterns about ‘Twisted code’, except for the wonderful ‘finger tutorial’ by the squishy moshez. This tutorial can be split in two parts: The first one is about writing a good skeleton for your Twisted development. The second part is about making a Windows service.

Note that these instructions (the service building part) will not work under Windows 98, 95 or older. (more…)