Ido’s chess Journey: How to teach chess to a 3 year old kid

How to teach chess to a 3 year old kid? That’s a good question. I wanted to teach Ido chess for a long time, but each time I tried, he lost focus after 2 minutes, even just for teaching him just rook movements. I decided I needed to plan it a little more, make it much more fun, and “embed” it in mini-games. It seems to work much better now, but that’s maybe because he matured a lot. Here are some ideas (some not yet implemented): Using a DIY plastified chess board, allows me to show/play different positions really fast, anywhere. Colorize squares where a piece is allowed to go : [flickr]photo:3227796869[/flickr] Pawn race games (no en-passant rule yet). Really small games (must not go over 5 minutes) with reduced chess set (for example Queen and 3 pawns vs Knight, bishop and 3 pawns). Checkmate in one, using DiagTransfer program ...(Read More)